I had the opportunity to partake in a Voila session lead by Kimmy. I had heard intriguing things about Voila so I was definitely curious and ready for the experience. My session lasted a little over an hour. During that time Kimmy, who couldn't be more delightful, calming and knowledgable, scanned my body with a series of interlocking fingers movements (hers) while asking the Universe for answers about what was going on inside my body, stopping and honing in on a moment (age) in my life that my mind had seemed to be holding onto thus affecting my body. Bodily adjustments/corrections were made at this time to alleviate any pain that I had been experiencing. I had been having neck pain, at times severe for the last 4 years. I had had 3 rounds of trigger injections to no avail. Tons of massages, nothing was working. I had not mentioned any of this to Kimmy. <strong>The nature of Voila zeroed in on my neck pretty quickly and after a lot of corrections and determination on her part, I left with zero neck pain. I was completely shocked. I had no preconceived notion that this would happen. It's been 2 months and the pain has not returned.</strong> PS. Be prepared, emotional baggage can and will come up. You need to work through that to get to the good stuff. Kimmy is a safe space to do that!! <strong>Debbie Stern, Chicago</strong>

"I've gone to Kimberly several times for my boys to get worked on with Voila. It's been amazing what Kimberly has done to help my boys. My oldest son Oliver who's three was getting tummy aches every day. Kimberly did her work, or magic as I call it) and his tummy aches are gone. She would do Voila on him and balance out his emotions and joints in his body. My boys and I have had terrible allergies with runny noses, itchy eyes and Kimberly would balance out our sinuses using Voila. It's a game-changer. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have Kimberly in our lives. She's an amazing person with the kindest soul. She loves helping kids! Thank you Kimberly and TK Stretching for everything you've done for us!

Scott Smith

Looking for a good recovery method from your sedentary work life? A better way to relieve tension and stress? Too many plane flights left you feeling out of balance? Try a session with Kim or Tim at TK Stretching. They'll give balance to your muscles, help you work out the kinks in your back and shoulders, give you ballerina posture. You won't be sorry. You will feel great!

Liz Bretz Austin, TX

Two states exist: life before TK Stretch and life after. This technique is unlike any bodywork I’ve encountered and I’m a licensed massage therapist. It is incredibly effective and non-invasive. I stand better, move better and breathe better as a result of the Myofascial stretching. Kim knows exactly what she’s doing and she is doing it well. I exercise moderately and hunch over my desk excessively. Kim helps me manage old overuse injuries, including my wrist and chronic neck pain, and overcome new ones. I have 200% faith in her and the modality. I highly recommend her and Tim as well.

Elizabeth Coffee Austin, TX
Alex Martinez

Here is what happened to me. I was coming off a long trade show. Thirteen hours on my feet for three days in a row left me moving like a mummy. I scheduled a session with Kim, and decided to bring a friend along as well. We both got worked on and came away feeling incredible. Little things that had been nagging me for weeks went away and STAYED away after just one session. My breath control increased and I was able to sleep like a baby that same night. I was glowing! My initial session was so effective, I scheduled another one for the next day to have some other issues worked on. Guess what? My back pain was relived. The tension I was carrying in my shoulders melted away, and I was able to get through a workout that I never would have been able to do just a couple of days earlier. Kimmy is THE REAL DEAL. She can see the invisible and apply her training to making it clear as day. All while having the best energy when she's working on you. You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from fascial stretching. Stressed out? Not feeling optimal, just looking for a way of moving without pain or fear that you may hurt yourself? Go see Kim! I would give Kim the Gold Medal for recovery work. This should be part of your wellness routine. Make your body move better. Live better. It is part of my fountain of youth routine moving forward!

Alex Martinez TRX Southeast Regional Manager

I would like to share my experience with Kimberley at TK Stretch. About 8 years ago, I was in an accident, I broke my back in 3 places, my neck was fractured in 2 places as well, 30+ inches of titanium later, I had back problems. The back problems led to problems with my hips as well, to the point where sleep was never good. My hips became so painful that I could hardly walk, that is when I reached out to Kimberley. So I started letting Kimberley work her magic on me, and yes, I was even a little scared. My fears quickly melted and by the time she finished the first stretching session, the pain felt as though is was all but gone, AFTER 30 mins! Huge difference! Now I see Kimberley once a week for 30 minutes, my back pains are VERY minimal, I have no hip pains and am sleeping better than I have in years! I am so truly glad to have Kimberley keeping my body in working condition!

Kaye Taylor Mesa, AZ

I’ve been officiating football in the high school level for the past few years. Last year after doing 2 games a week sometimes 3, my legs especially my knees were in pain before the games would end. To the point where I would wear compression knee brace/sleeves to try to relieve some of the pain. Well, this year before the regular season started Kim introduced me to stretch therapy twice a week. Let me tell you what a difference it has made on my legs. Gone are the knee braces and gone is the pain I was experiencing last year during and after every game. I made it this year through the entire regular season with NO PAIN, thanks to Kim. Stretch therapy is the way to go to keep you going through active and strenuous activity. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it on a regular basis. Kim has been an amazing trainer for me over the years. She always has a positive attitude, always smiling, a nutritional specialist, is very caring, and just a great individual you want in your life. Resistance training and stretch therapy will continue to be part of my life as long as I can do it with the guidance from Kim.

Danny Navarro Gilbert, Arizona

Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the stretching that you have been doing with me for the last few months.  With running 30 to 50 miles a week, I was very tight and lacking flexibility, not to mention the tension in my left shoulder from a previous injury.  Since going to you I have been seeing a dramatic increase in my flexibility, which has helped both my ability to run longer and not to mention faster.  Basically, going to you has been the perfect addition to my fitness.

John Harmon

I would not miss a weekly stretching session with Kim!! The flexibility I have gained as been incredible.  I would recommend FST training with Kim to everyone.  I came to Kim for weight training and as a complete program she suggested stretching too.  Not only has it benefited me with improved flexibility, but has helped me with balance.  The neck injury that I suffered with for years is gone.  My stretch days are a reward for training hard all week.

Lora Sharp Gilbert Az

I approached TK Stretching because Kim had mention so many benefits of what FST could do for my career in bodybuilding. TK- Stretching has helped me in so many ways preparing for my bodybuilding competition by staying flexible for training, faster recovery, and overall wellbeing. The result has been so noticeable in my training, muscle growth, and even help get back some height due to having scoliosis in my lower back I lost years ago. I have found that working with TK Stretching over the last 12 weeks on a weekly basis has only continue to improve not just my physical, but mental state of being. I would highly recommend to anyone that needs to relief pain, stress, tension, or just want more mobility back in the body. I am and will continue to use them weekly in my regiment no matter what. So, if you have 30 minutes or maybe 1 hour definitely get in to see Kim or Tim to work their magic hands on you!

Jennifer Bertsch Fitness Trainer & Competitor

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