What is VOILA Method?

Take a look at the video above, Kimberly was featured on the Voila Method Podcast with creator, Joel Crandall. Learn the new innovative way of helping the body heal itself!

The Voilà Method is able to align our Structural Joint System, known as our skeletal system, and when it becomes aligned with itself we experience harmony with our bodies.
It teaches us how to communicate to the subconscious so healing can happen quicker.
There’s no guessing when it comes to healing the body, Voilà will guide you to the direct source whether that is structurally or emotionally.

Voilà Affects

• Brain
• Fascia
• Joints
• Muscles
• Bones
• Lymph
• Organs
• Skin / Hair
• Mucus
• Metabolism
• Emotions
• Chakras
• Energy
• Gut
• Hormones
• Sinuses
• Much More…

“Voila Method found a way to Read and Listen to what the body is telling us by communicating the physical with the emotion and spirit to bridge the communication gap in healing.”

-Joel Crandall