Voila Method

The ART of LISTENING that is the Heart of VOILA Method





Structural Joint Balancing is a unique assessment and treatment system created by Joel Crandall, Los Angeles, CA.

It is a new innovative way of helping the body in healing itself.  VOILÀ is a dynamic & fluid Structural assessment and treatment tool that allows Kimberly & Tim to save time, while creating long-lasting results.  VOILA Method assesses & balances the Cranial Bones, in harmony with the body’s Keystones, in static & Dynamic Movement to create Equilibrium. 

The Body is a Pressure Unit that must work in synchronization for maximal results and benefits by SYNCing the diaphragms to create proper pressure within the body so it has true core strength and does not have to rely on breath holding or unnatural Muscle loading to maintain the pressure for Core Stability.  

Also, the Voila Method balances out the energy systems, known as Chakras. Emotions in our body can actually end up causing pain to us if they are not released. By balancing out the emotions in our bodies we are able to move more freely and most importably without pain.

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