What is VOILA Method?


Take a look at the video above, Kimberly was featured on the Voila Method Podcast with creator, Joel Crandall.

Voilà Method is a new innovative way of helping the body in healing itself. The Voilà Method gets to the underlying story of our pain and why it’s being triggered.

Pain is the body’s way of communicating to us that there is an imbalance of energy in the body. When we ignore our pain and symptoms the body will increase the pain until it gets our attention. With the Voilà Method we can get to the root cause of the pain by communicating to the subconscious. The subconscious will reveal to us what is triggering the pain in order for healing to begin. Whether that is emotions, organs, eyes, or the structural system that needs balancing, the subconscious will guide us to the root in order to set the body free.

You’ll begin to experience more freedom and lightness in your daily life. More confidence and security in yourself. Most importantly be ale to enjoy life pain free.

Voilà Affects

• Brain

• Fascia

• Joints

• Muscles

• Bones

• Lymph

• Organs

• Skin / Hair

• Mucus

• Sleep

• Headaches

• Arthritis

• Anxiety 

• Metabolism

• Emotions

• Chakras

• Energy

• Gut

• Hormones

• Sinuses

• Much More…

What to expect in a Voilà session:

Every session is completely different. Depending what you are coming in for, your subconscious will bring up what it is ready to be healed internally. Wear comfortable clothing and be well hydrated. Working with energy can sometimes make the body dehydrated, so the more water you drink the better. Also, there may be a few good tears, but don’t worry we have tissues available and support.

We take pride in creating a safe comfortable environment for your healing journey. Come in with an open mind and experience the magic your Soul will show you in your healing journey. 

“Voila Method found a way to Read and Listen to what the body is telling us by communicating the physical with the emotion and spirit to bridge the communication gap in healing.”

-Joel Crandall