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What it Means to Communicate Heartpathically


/härtpəˈTHedik/ Noun


/härtpəˈTHedik(ə)lē/ Adverb


Another way of communication that involves speaking heart to heart with others that doesn’t involve physical verbal communication.
With communicating heartpathically, we are able to reach a higher vibration field, known as the quantum field or the 5th Dimension, that allows us to communicate at a much higher level, rather then speaking verbally. When we speak verbally it keeps us in a stagnant field known as the Karmic Law of Gravity, also commonly known as the Third Dimension. Through physical verbal communication we can only reach a certain vibration field that doesn’t go beyond the Third Dimension. The Third Dimension is what we know as life and how we experience life using our five senses.
If we are only communicating within the Third Dimension are we limiting ourselves? Are we limiting ourselves to only hearing what’s being spoken to us from an egos perspective rather from the heart?
To elaborate on this further, take a husband and wife for example. The husband prefers to stay home on Sundays, enjoy his one day off and watch football. The wife prefers to enjoy some quality time with her husband that doesn’t require being in the house all day, since she is majority at home during the week taking care of the children. It’s their one full day off together and they end up arguing and fighting on what they want to do. Husband has his wants and needs and so does the wife. They bicker every Sunday that it now becomes a dread feeling to them both when the weekend comes.
Now, if they are only speaking from their wants and needs and not looking at the other persons wants and needs, who do you think is running the conversation? The ego. The ego wants it this way and if the ego doesn’t get what it wants it usually ends up in an argument.
If the husband and wife are only having conversations with each other from ego to ego where do you think the conversation will take them? Nowhere. It will stay a consistent battle fighting over who is right and who is being selfish.
Now what happens if we step outside of the physical verbal communication we do in the third dimension and allow ourselves to speak from our heart field rather then the ego? Let’s find out…
The wife has a realization that the only way for her husband to understand her and hear her is maybe communicating to his heart and not to his ego. She begins to detach herself from his ego and communicates from her heart to his heart. With no words, she allows the frequency of her heart to talk to his. While she is allowing her heart to connect with her husband she begins to feel the exhaustion he has on his heart. She starts to feel and understand why her husband just wants to relax and enjoy sports while the kids run around playing. She begins to have compassion and sympathy towards him instead of anger or frustration. She begins to understand on a deeper level why the way he is, which brings her more clarity, peace, and acceptance.
Coming from the husband’s perspective. The husband one day has a realization that he is tired of bickering and arguing with his wife every weekend. He wants to understand her better. He begins to drop from his mind and into his heart. He allows his heart to connect to her heart without verbally speaking a word to her. His heart asks her heart for better understanding and while he is doing so he sees the grief and sadness she has in her heart. She is stressed caring for the children all day that she rarely gets to leave the house or see her husband during the week while he is at work. He begins to feel appreciative and grateful for her and all the work she does around the house and for the children.
By communicating from the heart they both now have a different perspective. They now begin to understand and hear what each other are saying without getting defensive or angry.
When we communicate heartpathically we are able to reach a higher frequency. This higher frequency can be known as love or truth. Through Heartpathic communication we begin to have more clarity, understanding, gratitude, and compassion for others.
Is there anyone in your life you have a hard time understanding or feeling frustrated with? If so, I invite you to detach from their ego and allow yourself to drop from your mind, into your heart and allow your heart to communicate to their heart. You might learn something new about that person.
Enjoy and have fun communicating Heartpathically!! The world needs it more than ever.
Much Love,

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