“For the whole of The Last 90 Days I want the podcast to have a different theme each month, as we make a commitment to treating the last 3 months of our year like we usually treat the first 3. This month is The Curiosity Series! And the conversation I wanted to share with you is one I got to have with Kimberly Lucas, my energy healer. That might sound a little out there and hippie, and fair warning, we do get pretty deep in this episode talking about spirituality, healing, speaking with those who have passed on – all kinds of things! The beauty of curiosity is that it isn’t threatening, it’s just being open to something new. Even if this conversation isn’t for you, it could be really helpful to think about why! I hope this meets you where you are at today.” – Rachel Hollis

Kimberly Lucas is back on the Rachel Hollis podcast, discussing how to trust your intuition and heal your body. This special feature is split into two episodes. We hope you enjoy!

Kimberly Lucas is back on the Rachel Hollis podcast, discussing how to trust your intuition and heal your body. This special feature is split into two episodes. We hope you enjoy!

The path to self healing requires bravery and courage. Unresolved trauma, often times trapped unknowingly in the subconscious, compounds over time until we often feel trapped, paralyzed and desperate. Conversely, compacted pain and complicated grief can work for us instead of against us once we step into our reclamation of self and begin to trust ourselves again. Kimberly Lucas from TK Stretching helps others on their journey of healing from trauma. Today we chat about how she started her journey into spiritual guidance and the importance of healing from your traumas. – Kelly Ann

What an honor it is for TK Stretching to be mentioned on the Joe Rogan Podcast with Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway! 

Today is so special! I sat down with Kimberly Lucas for an amazing conversation about intuition, healing and trusting yourself.

Kimberly is the co-Founder of TK Stretching in Austin Texas. She’s a Fascial Stretch Specialist, Completion Process Practitioner and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner. In a nutshell, she’s a healer. She uses energy healing, trama healing and spiritual guidance to help her clients and I can speak from experience when I tell you what she does is incredible. She’s been featured on many other podcasts including the Joe Rogan Experience, and the Rachel Hollis podcast, which is where I found her.

After listening to an episode where Rachel interviewed her own personal energy healer, Kimberly, I felt drawn to her immediately. I made an appointment for spiritual guidance, and subsequently rescheduled twice (due to fear, an overpacked schedule, and who knows why) but finally, months later, I sat down with Kimberly virtually and my mind exploded. She is one of a kind. It’s hard to describe the experience but I knew this was something I needed in my life. -Jill Wright

On episode 93 of Welcome To The Winners Circle, Derek Pang interviews Kimberley Althauser-Lucas

Here are some of the subjects we touched on:
– Shadows surfacing, begin the emotional healing process.
– Stretching her lifespan physically and spiritually.
– How she currently fulfills her mission.
– Her origin story re: how she learnt about healing through Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).
– Discovering the Voilà method, a tool for people to communicate to the body through muscle testing.
– Success stories of healing herself and others via the Voilà method and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).
– What spirituality means to her and when it came into her life.
– The functional tools she uses to help heal herself spiritual and foundational self-care tools she uses regularly – sleep, writing, balanced healthy diet.
– What healthy nutrition looks like to her.
– A discussion of Kimmy’s Kitchen.
– The Completion Process and being certified practitioner.
– Methods she uses to feel good.
– Bring awareness to our trauma.
– An acknowledgement of some of her mentors.
– Listening to one’s intuition.
– How she uses fear as an ally.
– The key to her relationship to her husband/business partner.
– What loves means to her.
– Her greatest life lesson learnt so far.
I hope you guys enjoy this podcast as much as we did. We are all on the same path, The Hero’s Journey, just at different points along the way. Thank you so much for listening!

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