Upper Body Home Stretching

Upper Body Home Stretching We want to share this upper body stretching routine you can do in the comfort of your home. This is great to do in the mornings, pre or post workout, right before bed, or throughout the day to relieve tension. These stretches are great to improve posture, releasing tension in the […]

Ultimate Oatmeal Bars

Ultimate Oatmeal Bars These bars are loaded with flavor, guilt free, and sweetened with monk fruit. Bottom layer is an oatmeal crust topped with jam and oatmeal crumble. Then drizzled with chocolate & peanut butter.   Can be made Keto & Vegan friendly as well. Omit the eggs for vegan and replace the oat flour with […]

Chocolate Protein Crunch Bars

Chocolate Protein Crunch Bars Highly recommend these protein bars if you are a fan of chocolate.  This is a big hit for parties and gatherings. Leaving everyone with a smile and a satisfied tummy. Enjoy!! 🙂 Keto / Vegan Friendly Prep Time 10 Minutes Cook Time 60 Minutes Total Time 70 mins Servings 24 Bars […]

Oatmeal PB&J Bars

Oatmeal PB&J Bars Loved making these simple Oatmeal bars. These are great to have for breakfast, midday snack, or even to curb your sweet tooth after dinner.  Gluten free!!  Enjoy 🙂 Prep Time 15 Minutes Cook Time 30 to 40 Minutes Total Time 45 to 55 mins Servings 16 Bars Ingredients 1 1/2 cups of […]

Paleo German Chocolate Bars

Paleo German Chocolate Bars Paleo German Chocolate Bars!!  These were a great hit. Little more time consuming recipe, but worth every minute.  ⁣ Keto / Paleo / Vegan  Enjoy 🙂 Prep Time 25 Minutes Cook Time 15 Minutes Total Time 2 to 3 hrs Servings 16 Bars Ingredients Caramel Layer⁣• 1/2 cup sugar free maple […]

Paleo / Vegan / Keto Pecan Cookies

Paleo / Vegan / Keto Pecan Cookies What I love about this  cookie recipe is the nutty flavor to them.  The pecan flour adds a great taste to them. I purchased my pecan flour from Amazon. I know some grocery retail stores do carry the pecan flour too, but sometimes it can be hard to […]

Healthy Enchiladas

Healthy Enchiladas Enjoy this recipe of enchiladas that are guilt free and taste gourmet. This recipe is one of my favorite family dinners. Serve with Spanish rice or a nice fresh salad and you got yourself a feast. 🙂 Family & Friends will love this recipe. Enjoy! Dairy & Gluten Free!  Prep Time 15 Minutes […]

Vegan / Paleo Lemon Cookies

Vegan / Paleo Lemon Cookies Needing a healthy light summer cookie that is guilt free. Make a batch of these lemon cookies for the whole family. Simple ingredients that taste incredible. Got to love you some lemon desserts. Enjoy! Prep Time 10 Minutes Cook Time 15 Minutes Total Time 25 Minutes Servings 12 cookies Ingredients […]

Paleo Brownies

Paleo Brownies Can’t turn down a good batch of homemade brownies.  The great thing about this recipe it is so easy to make and you’ll never guess they are dairy & gluten free.  Careful may eat half the batch of brownies in one night. lol Enjoy!  Prep Time 5 Minutes Cook Time 35 Minutes Total […]

Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes with Blue Coconut Frosting

Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes with Blue Coconut Frosting This is a great healthy recipe to have at the house if you are have a sweet tooth.  The best part is that you’ll never guess the main ingredient is sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes give the cupcakes a great brownie texture. Top it off with some amazing […]