Self Body Image

Self Body Image The Torch Bearers I hold visions of my mom. I hold onto every time she felt disgusted with her body. Every time she and her sisters called themselves fat pigs. Every Slimfast diet. The unrealistic expectations that determined nothing. The time my dad bought her an expensive evening gown because he saw […]

What it Means to Communicate Heartpathically

What it Means to Communicate Heartpathically Heartpathic /härtpəˈTHedik/ Noun Heartpathically /härtpəˈTHedik(ə)lē/ Adverb   Another way of communication that involves speaking heart to heart with others that doesn’t involve physical verbal communication. With communicating heartpathically, we are able to reach a higher vibration field, known as the quantum field or the 5th Dimension, that allows us to communicate […]