Spiritual Guidance

Guiding the mind, body, & soul back to harmony through the 

Voila Method & Completion Process

What is the
Voila Method?

Spiritual Guidance

Whether you are experiencing physical pain, emotional pain, or mental pain, spiritual guidance is the perfect place to start. Using methods called the Voilà Method, Completion Process and Reiki we are able to guide the mind, body & soul back to harmony.

This includes structural joint balancing, balancing of the chakras, ancestral healing,  inner child healing, integrating primitive reflexes, aura cleansing, healing past traumas, and guiding those who are experiencing PTSD.

Through Spiritual Guidance using the Voila Method, we are able to address the root cause of your pain by communicating to your subconscious by using off-body muscle testing. The subconscious will reveal to us what is triggering the pain in order for healing to begin. 

Also note, the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between time. Traumas or pains that have occurred in the past can still be affecting us in the present moment if they are not addressed or healed. The subconscious will guide us to the root in order to set the body free.

You’ll begin to experience more freedom and a feeling of lightness throughout your daily life.

More confidence and security in yourself. Most importantly, be able to enjoy life pain free.

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Instant Results
(Before and After a Voila Method Session)

Before & After


Before & After

T-Spine Range of Motion

Before & After


Before & After

T-Spine Range Of Motion

Before & After


Before & After



What to expect during a session?

Every session is completely different. Whatever your subconscious is ready to bring up for healing will come up. Your body will guide us to your healing whether it is balancing the structural joint system or emotions. Come with an open heart and experience the miracles.

What do I wear during a session?

Wear comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing necklaces, belts, watches, apple watches, for this can interfere with the energy.

Does Spiritual Guidance work for children?

Yes, it is wonderful for children as kids tend to respond very quickly with the method. Voilà Method is great for children who are experiencing growing pains, pain in the body, difficultly reading, writing, sleeping, and focusing. The Voilà Method will guide us to your children’s healing by balancing out the structural joint system and emotions.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes, absolutely sessions are private and kept confidential.

Does work for headaches and migraines?

Yes, Spiritual Guiding is incredible to use for someone who frequently experiences headaches or migraines.

Who is a good candidate for Spiritual Guidance?

Anyone who is experiencing physical or emotional pain from any age will benefit!

What to expect after a session?

After your first session, typically you will feel much lighter and free. You’ll notice a new sense of connection with your body. Less tension throughout the body and more in harmony with yourself.

Can Spiritual Guidance be done anywhere?

Yes, Spiritual Guiding is a great method to do in person and/or virtual.

Does Spiritual Guidance work for emotional traumas?

Yes, it is a beautiful method to guide you to heal from past traumas. Your subconscious will guide us to what needs to be healed in order to overcome those emotional traumas that are hindering you in your life. The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between time so what happened to us in the past that hasn’t been healed is still going to affect us in the now. Knowing this the subconscious will take us to what is causing your physical or emotional pain.

Does Spiritual Guidance work for hormone imbalances?

Yes, it is another great method to us to balance the organs and emotions throughout the body. For unresolved trapped emotions in the body can cause hormones to be imbalanced. Your body will guide us to what needs balancing whether that is organs, emotions, or skeletal system to have your hormones back in harmony.

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