Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Based Trauma Healing  

Guiding the mind, body, & soul back to harmony through the 

Voila Method, Completion Process, and the Universe

Healing is for visionaries, and we invite you to become the visionary of your life as we navigate you back to the edges of your heart and the limitlessness of your imagination…

Physical, emotional and mental pain are all signposts to a greater storyline within you. 

Various intuitive healing modalities including The Voila Method and The Completion Process can help guide you to uncover and reveal a clearer path to healing.

The path to self healing requires bravery and courage. Unresolved trauma, often times trapped unknowingly in the subconscious, compounds over time until we often feel trapped, paralyzed and desperate. Conversely, compacted pain and complicated grief can work for us instead of against us once we step into our reclamation of self and begin to trust ourselves again.

We are here to help you get reacquainted with your intuition, which often gets misaligned through challenging experiences in our lives. Often times, humans are not even aware of the trauma that resides within the subconscious, and once we uncover the root cause of repeating patterns, the revelations of self allow for true deep healing to occur.

We have the power and ability to heal ourselves in such a way that is revolutionary once we trust ourselves again and remember who we are. Prepare to get reacquainted with your intuition and imagination, and experience the full spectrum of your life with greater tools of awareness, humility and gratitude.

At the intersection of your heart and your imagination, that is where you find peace.

-Kimberly & Autumn

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  • What to expect during a session?

For both in-person and virtual sessions, we talk through any pain or struggle you are experiencing. 

You do not have to plan or prepare other than know your intention for each session.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Every session is completely different, always leading to new revelations. Whatever your subconscious is ready to bring up for healing will come up. Your body will guide us to your healing whether it is through balancing the structural joint system or emotions. Come with an open heart and experience the miracles.

  • What to know before a session.

Know your intentions as to why you are wanting a session. Whether that is addressing the physical body, emotional blockages, or mental health. We can address it all. Also, the first session there may be some good cries. Expect crying. It is normal and part of the process. 

  • What do I wear during a session?

Wear comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing necklaces, belts, watches, apple watches, for this can interfere with the energy.

  • Does Spiritual Based Trauma Healing work for children?

Yes, it is wonderful for children as kids tend to respond very quickly. SBTH is great for children who are experiencing growing pains, pain in the body, difficultly reading, writing, sleeping, and focusing.  Your child will reestablish trust within themselves by balancing out the structural joint system and emotions.

  • Are sessions confidential?

Yes, absolutely sessions are private and kept confidential.

  • Does work for headaches and migraines?

Yes, SBTH is incredible to use for someone who frequently experiences headaches or migraines. When you are able to understand pain through a guided lens, you can finally address the root cause of imbalance.

  • Who is a good candidate for Spiritual Based Trauma Healing?

Anyone who is experiencing physical or emotional pain from any age will benefit.

  • Can SBTH be done anywhere?

Yes, Spiritual Based Trauma Healing is a great method to do in person and/or virtual.

  • Does SBTH work virtually?

Yes! Sometimes this is preferred because the client is in the comfort of their home, which allows more healing to occur.

  • What does a virtual session typically look like?

It varies with each individual. Typically at first we will balance the baseline of the Chakras and from there the clients body will direct the whole session in order for healing to occur. Whether that is addressing past traumas and healing the inner child or addressing the physical body. Yes, I can still balance the physical body virtually. I do it energetically. 

  • How can you feel the energy when doing virtual?

This is part of the sixth sense we all have. I don’t need to be in the same room to understand your energy.  YOU will guide the session whether in-person or virtual, and my job is to bring your vibration out of fight/flight mode, and help align you to a place of ‘felt safety’ through a calmer central nervous system, where your own perspective can then allow you space to shift yourself onto higher ground.

  • What to expect after a session?

After your first session, typically you will feel more light and free. You will likely notice a new sense of connection with your body. Expect to notice less tension throughout the body and mo

  • Does SBTH work for emotional traumas?

Yes, it is a beautiful system to guide you to heal from past traumas. Your subconscious will guide us to what needs to be healed in order to overcome those emotional traumas that are hindering you in your life. The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between time so what happened to us in the past that hasn’t been healed is still going to affect us in the now. Knowing this the subconscious will take us to what is causing your physical or emotional pain.

  • Does SBTH work for hormone imbalances?

Yes, it is another great method to us to balance the organs and emotions throughout the body. For unresolved trapped emotions in the body can cause hormones to be imbalanced. Your body will guide us to what needs balancing whether that is organs, emotions, or skeletal system to have your hormones back in harmony.

  • Why is SBTH more expensive than FST?

We subscribe that ‘Spiritual based Trauma Healing’ is 10 years of therapy in one session. Our goal is to NOT see you weekly with spiritual guidance. Once every 30, 60 or 90 days is great for your next session. 

In-Person Session
with Kimberly

60 Minutes
90 Minutes

Virtual Session with
Kimberly or Autumn

60 Minutes
90 Minutes
Kimberly Althauser-Lucas

Kimberly Althauser-Lucas

Co-Founder of TK Stretching | Voilà Method Practitioner | Fascial Stretch Specialist | Completion Process Practitioner | Reiki LV 2

My name is Kimberly Althauser-Lucas, but most refer to me as Kimmy. I’ve always had a strong intuition, but never knew the extent of it until I started my spiritual journey. It wasn’t until December 2013, when reality hit me in the face. I was 24 years old and my best friend was found dead. When I received that phone call I hit rock bottom and started to experience a heavy amount depression and started second guessing life and if I am meant to be here.

From that day on I knew I needed help. My childhood wounds began to haunt me even more. Memories of the past of being sexually abused and my parents drunk and fighting began to surface and take over me.

I started to seek external help and began to put my mental and physical health as a priority. I started incorporating daily prayer, Wim Hof breathing, reiki, acupuncture, weekly therapy sessions with a psychiatrist, and seeing a Native Hawaiian Healer to heal my trauma.

In July 2018, the Voilà Method found me and I found it. It was a perfect modality I started to use daily to heal my own inner wounds. The Voilà method helped me heal my inner child and I started to become pain free physically and mentally. In April 2021, I began to expand my knowledge in self healing and took the Completion Process by Teal Swan.

Today, I now guide others out of pain by healing not just the body, but the mind and soul.

“Through every trauma lies an innocent child ready to break free. In order to free the child one must be willing to face their trauma and take back their power.” -Kimmy Althauser-Lucas

Autumn Bouakadakis

Autumn Bouakadakis

I spent most of my career in the entertainment industry and design, until
I was Divinely introduced to various faith-based approaches to cognitive behavioral therapy and alternate modalities to healing when training to work with foster children in 2015.

Upon reading ‘The Connected Child’ and discovering TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention), I quickly realized how misunderstood mental health is, and how patients have been stigmatized, institutionalized, and completely misguided.

Through unlocking our faith with creativity and imagination, one can realize their true potential in healing themselves, and take accountability for who they are.

I am particularly interested in serving the gifts of neurodivergent minds, the highly creative, PTSD survivors, and all children needing realignment with their sense of wonder.

“Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.”
Proverbs 4:23 ESV

“Fix your gaze on what is unseen.”
2 Corinthians 4:16-18 ESV

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T-Spine Range Of Motion

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