Welcome to The Starlift Academy!

We are so EXCITED to officially announce The Starlift Academy. After three years of dedicated effort, Autumn Bouakadakis and I (Kimberly Lucas) have successfully crafted a certification program based on the transformative work we offer through Spiritual Guidance.

For those unacquainted with our approach, we specialize in aligning individuals with their truth through a connection with God.

For those who have experienced Spiritual Guidance whether with Autumn or I, you now have the opportunity to learn the techniques we employ.

The Starlift Academy is dedicated to Spiritual-Based Trauma Healing. If you sense a calling to assist others on their healing journey, the Starlift Academy could be the ideal place to begin.

Join us in this exciting venture of spiritual growth and healing.

-Kimberly & Autumn

    The Starlift Academy

Bridging the Dimensions of Heaven and Earth within the system of self.

The Starlift Academy is an innovative & Divinely-led system designed to gently heal trauma, alchemize underlying pain, restore mental & physical health, and reclaim Truth in your spiritual agency.

What is The Starlift Academy?

The Starlift Academy serves as a guiding light on the journey back to Truth and the essence of our divine nature, aligning with the purpose that God intended for each of us. Through its teachings and experiences, the academy facilitates self-discovery, transformation, and a return to the authentic selves we were meant to embody.

In essence, The Starlift Academy is a pathway to reconnect with the divine blueprint within, unraveling the layers of conditioning, beliefs, and illusions that may have veiled our true essence. It acts as a compass, pointing towards the core of our being and fostering an understanding of the universal truths that transcend individual perspectives.

The academy encourages individuals to explore, question, and unlearn societal and personal constructs that may hinder the realization of their authentic selves. By providing insights, tools, and experiences, it empowers seekers to navigate their unique journey of self-discovery, leading them back to the Truth that lies at the heart of their existence.

Ultimately, The Starlift Academy stands as a sacred space for inner exploration, transformation, and the embodiment of the divine potential within each participant, aligning with the divine purpose set forth by God.

-Kimberly & Autumn

The Starlift Academy Certification

If you feel called to serve others through the Holy Spirit and guide them to their truth, we encourage you to apply today!

Requirements for acceptance into the program:

1. Complete the application form.
2. Must complete 10 Spiritual Guidance sessions with Kimberly or Autumn before taking this course. 


What you will learn:

  • How to guide yourself to the depths of your being and align with the divine purpose that God, through the Holy Spirit, intended for you.
  • How to guide others back to the light within themselves with the Holy Spirit.”

What you will gain:

  • Mastery in uncovering the root cause of your own pain and discomfort.
  • Enhanced self-confidence.
  • A profound understanding of both yourself and others.
  • A strengthened bond with the Holy Spirit.
  • A deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life.
  • Effective tools to navigate and overcome challenges.
  • Improved communication skills for more meaningful connections.
  • Resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Heightened emotional intelligence.
  • Greater clarity in setting and achieving personal goals.
  • Increased capacity for empathy and compassion.
  • A holistic approach to well-being, fostering physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Next Training Dates:

1:1 Training with Kimberly or Autumn:
– Virtual or In-person
Cost: $2,000.00

Meet the Facilitators!

Kimberly Althauser-Lucas
CO-FOUNDER TK Stretching + Starlift Academy

Kimberly initiated her journey in health and fitness in 2010, graduating from the National Personal Training Institute in Chandler, Arizona. Commencing her career at Lifetime Fitness, she pursued ongoing education in the fitness industry, achieving certifications in NASM CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

In 2012, she ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Arizona Fitness Trainer. Between 2015 and 2017, Kimberly completed all three levels of Fascial Stretch Therapy through Stretch to Win and earned certification from the ONNIT Academy in Unconventional Training.

During this period, she met her life partner, Timothy Lucas. Joining forces in business, they established TK Stretching in 2016. In early 2018, Kimberly and Timothy relocated their business to Austin, TX, seeking further growth and opportunities.

From 2018 to 2022, Kimberly dived into spiritual education, obtaining certifications in the Completion Process by Teal Swan and levels 1 and 2 of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, along with Level 1 and 2 of Reiki. Kimberly dedicated herself to guiding individuals back to the light within, particularly those grappling with past trauma, struggles, and addiction.

In 2023, Kimberly co-founded the Starlift Academy with Autumn Bouakadakis, establishing a Sacred Healing School for the Divine and Infinite. The same year, she completed her training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and became a certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach, Time Dynamics Practitioner, and Executive Coach.

Today, alongside her husband Timothy, Kimberly remains committed to their passion for guiding others out of physical, mental, and emotional pain. Their mission revolves around empowering individuals to feel secure and at ease in their bodies through Fascial Stretch Therapy, Spiritual Guidance, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and NLP.

Autumn Boukadakis CO-FOUNDER of The Starlift Academy

Autumn Boukadakis began her training in the creative arts after graduating from The University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts at the Butler School of Music. Her career has spanned a multitude of talents, art forms, and genres.

For over a decade, she worked on-air in the radio industry in Austin, TX, fine-tuning her creative skills, while touring as a singer/songwriter, sharing her many gifts and releasing four studio albums.

She is also a 600 hr certified teacher in the healing arts of body alignment, and advanced her artistic cravings further when opening an interior design firm called Spindle Design Co. Additionally, she is a published author of The Book of Love.

While training to work with foster children in 2015, Autumn realized she was being divinely led to various faith-based approaches to cognitive behavioral therapy and alternate modalities to healing, which fueled her creativity and curiosity even further.

She quickly realized how misunderstood mental health is, and how patients have been stigmatized, institutionalized, and completely misguided.

Autumn started working with Kimberly Lucas in 2019, and discovered firsthand through Kimberly’s skillset that by unlocking our faith with creativity, one can realize their true potential and limitlessness, and take accountability for who they are. 

Combining the creative and healing arts through a sacred lens led to an innovative and visionary approach to higher connection and Truth.

Amid this adventure of creative meanderings, and among many, many trials & tribulations, a spiritual awakening of salvation occurred and sweet Jesus brought the revelations needed to proceed with a clear, direct, and most poignant mission:


Autumn and Kimberly created The Starlift Academy in service to their faith and devotion, in hopes of guiding others back to the center of who we were all born to be, in the most spirit-filled, imaginative and loving way.

If you are seeking peace, The Starlift Academy can help you reclaim your life, spiritual agency, and purpose.

Autumn is particularly interested in serving the gifts of neurodivergent minds, the highly creative, PTSD survivors, veterans, addicts seeking recovery, ACA travelers, and children.

“Fix your gaze on what is unseen.” 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

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