Here From Our Clients!

Elizabeth Coffee (Austin, TX)

Two states exist: life before TK Stretch and life after. This technique is unlike any bodywork I’ve encountered and I’m a licensed massage therapist. It is incredibly effective and non-invasive. I stand better, move better and breathe better as a result of the Myofascial stretching. Kim knows exactly what she’s doing and she is doing it well. I exercise moderately and hunch over my desk excessively. Kim helps me manage old overuse injuries, including my wrist and chronic neck pain, and overcome new ones. I have 200% faith in her and the modality. I highly recommend her and Tim as well.

Voila Method - Range of Motion

I had the opportunity to partake in a Voila session lead by Kimmy. I had heard intriguing things about Voila so I was definitely curious and ready for the experience. My session lasted a little over an hour. During that time Kimmy, who couldn't be more delightful, calming and knowledgable, scanned my body with a series of interlocking fingers movements (hers) while asking the Universe for answers about what was going on inside my body, stopping and honing in on a moment (age) in my life that my mind had seemed to be holding onto thus affecting my body.

Bodily adjustments/corrections were made at this time to alleviate any pain that I had been experiencing. I had been having neck pain, at times severe for the last 4 years. I had had 3 rounds of trigger injections to no avail. Tons of massages, nothing was working. I had not mentioned any of this to Kimmy. The nature of Voila zeroed in on my neck pretty quickly and after a lot of corrections and determination on her part, I left with zero neck pain. I was completely shocked. I had no preconceived notion that this would happen. It's been 2 months and the pain has not returned PS. Be prepared, emotional baggage can and will come up. You need to work through that to get to the good stuff. Kimmy is a safe space to do that!!

Debbie Simmons (Chicago, IL)

 "Let me tell you what a difference it has made on my legs. Gone are the knee braces and gone is the pain I was experiencing last year during and after every game. I made it this year through the entire regular season with NO PAIN, thanks to Kim."
Dave Navarro (Gilbert, AZ)
"I came to Kim for weight training and as a complete program she suggested stretching too.  Not only has it benefited me with improved flexibility, but has helped me with balance.  The neck injury that I suffered with for years is gone."
Lora Sharp (Gilbert, AZ)

"Basically, you're the perfect addition to my fitness"

This should be part of your wellness routine. Make your body move better. Live better. It is part of my fountain of youth routine moving forward!
Alex Martinez
Quote from Shane about his family doing voila
Shane Heins (austin, TX)