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How to Raise Your Vibration With Food

High Vibration Food vs Low Vibration Food

When it comes to our bodies and life we are all energy. Everything around us is energy, even the food we consume. But there is also a difference in energy, we have high vibration energy and low vibration energy.

Emotions like joy, peace, acceptance, love, trust, and gratitude  are all high vibration energy. Then we have emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, shame, resentment, and unworthy that are low vibration energy. This is the same with our food.

What we put into our bodies can either help raise our vibration or lower our vibration.

Have you ever noticed when you eat something high in sugar and ten minutes later you experience a sugar crash, feel lethargic, or sometimes even irritable? Sugar is on the list of low vibration foods. The more we consume low vibration foods the more we are going to lower our own energy in our bodies. For example we can experience moodiness, low energy, depression, anxiety, acne, stomach pains, joint paint, mind fog, and even hormone imbalance just by consuming low vibration foods.

Making changes in what we consume will benefit the body, mind & Soul. We will experience more energy, happiness, mental clarity, peace, and freedom in our lives.

High Vibration Foods

Organic Fruit 

Organic Vegetables


Organic / Grass Fed Meat

Wild Caught Fish

Organic Potatoes

Brown Rice




Coconut Oil



Macadamia Nuts



Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds

Low Vibration Food

Processed Meats (sausages, bacon, deli meats, chicken nuggets, fast food meat)

Farmed Fish

White Sugar (candy, donuts, cereal, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, muffins)

Gluten (pasta, breads)

White Flour & White Rice

Dairy (Milk, cheese, whey)

Certain Fats (peanuts, cashews, vegetable oil, canola oil)

Alcohol & Coffee

For info on healthy food substitutions and healthy grocery list click below. I got it all covered for you. Enjoy and take care of your body for it is our home we live in for the rest of our lives. 

– Kimmy

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