Instant Pot Refried Pinto Beans

Super easy to make and taste amazing. High in protein and fiber.⁣

All you need is an instant pot, beans, jar of tomatillo salsa, and water. 




Prep Time

5 mins

Cook Time

24 hrs 30 mins

Total Time

24 hrs 35 mins


12 Servings



  • Instant Pot⁣

  • 2 cups of organic pinto beans⁣
  • 1 jar of tomatillo salsa⁣
  • Water⁣
  • optional salt and pepper ⁣


1) Dump the beans in a large bowl and cover with water completely and allow to soak for 24 hrs. Be sure to had extra water since the beans will soak up a lot. ⁣

2) Drain and rinse the beans⁣

3) Dump the beans into the instant pot and add water to where all the beans are all covered. Put the lid on with the valve on seal. ⁣

4) Turn the instant pot on to a high pressure for 30 minutes.⁣

5) Allow a natural release for 5 minutes and then a quick release with the valve.⁣

6) Drain the liquid off of the beans and add a full can of tomatillo salsa to the beans. Using a potato masher. Smash the beans. Add pepper or salt for more flavor if needed. ⁣

7) Serve and enjoy!!! ⁣

2 Responses

  1. You can infuse some extra flavor into the beans by replacing one-third to half of the water with vegetable stock or chicken stock (low sodium or unsalted). Or add chopped jalapeno peppers to the beans along with the onion and garlic. Use olive oil for vegetarian refried beans or use lard or bacon drippings for a more classic flavor. To boost the flavor even more, brown the chopped onions in a small amount of vegetable oil before adding the remaining ingredients.?

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